Pursue A Masters in Information Technology Degree to Boost Your Professional Value

Why pursue an information technology master’s degree? Because higher education expands the skill set of the degree holder. Companies and executives are looking to rely on people with an expansive foundation and skill set to entrust day to day operations with. Become at an online student to help boost our value without having to sacrifice the job you already have.

Students are welcome to enroll online and take course when their schedule permit. The flexibility of our master’s program is what makes it successful for adult level students. No on campus lectures are required, and the student will have full interactive support for each course.


Students must have a degree on the Bachelor’s level to apply to the online program. The college or university must itself be regionally accredited. We suggest students also be prepared to produce the following:

* Recent Resume
* 3 Letters of Recommendation
* Statement of Purpose
* Transcripts
* Grade Point Average of 3.0

International students are encouraged to apply to our programs. English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) results are requested if you speak a native language other than American English. Every applicant will be assessed according to their strengths. There are exceptions made for extenuating circumstances. Please see an admissions counselor for more information.

Career Change and Higher Education

If you’re considering switching careers, then an information technology masters may be the extra resource you need to make the transition. Careers like IT Managers, Database Managers, and IT Project Managers all require an advanced scholastic background to be successful in. Students can map out requirements for the career path of their choice and compare and contrast information like required daily tasks and salaries. Always consider the actual potential for professional growth in the field before deciding. Higher education opens up opportunities to take positions that are rewarding and challenging.

IT Security Option

Choose from three concentration options in the Masters in Information Technology category. These distinct paths are important to governments, local agencies and the students who are pursing the degree themselves. The Department of Homeland Security depends on IT Security concentration majors to interpret risks, threats and more.

The courses for this major helps to prepare the candidate for CISSP certification. Students will be able to take what they are learning in the interactive environment and apply the theories and concepts in their current work setting. Earning a master’s degree opens up doors in the IT industry is an extra value in the eyes of professional staffing agents. You can secure yourself a better financial standing by investing your education.

Log on now to determine which masters you’d like to pursue. Go over the details listed in the category. All student who learn in our virtual environment will have the support of knowledgeable teachers that are well experienced in the IT field. They will offer their skill and expertise to help student succeed. Students will have a chance to interact with peers and instructors on an unlimited basis. Course materials, texts and other necessities will be made available online.